About Seminar

The First Joint Japanese-American International Seminar
on Multimedia Applications in Higher Education


1. Objectives of the Seminar

Global interactions in social, economic and cultural arena have become commonplace and international interdependence is ever growing. in the area of education too, need for globalization was pointed out in the okinawa g8 summit, and the japanese educational institutions are expected to provide human resources that can cope with the internationalized world today. especially, it was recognized that it is of utmost importance that countries around the world cooperate in the content and methodology of higher education and lifelong learning utilizing communications networks as an environment to promote global interaction.

Japan universities association for computer education, in conjunction with several distinguished universities in the united states, has decided to host this seminar with the expectation that universities and colleges in japan and in the united states would have opportunities to jointly discuss and seek common grounds for cooperative measures in education utilizing communications networks and would aim to contribute in implementing various tasks such as exchange of credits earned, joint development of educational materials or providing mutual access to such materials, promotion of joint distance classes, and offering mutual faculty support by universities on the other end of the connection.

2. Japanese delegation

Size of the delegation: 44 people

Captain : Vice President and Professor Katsuhiko Shirai, School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University in Tokyo
Groups: 1) Social science group (Law, Economics, Business, Accounting)
             2) Engineering group (Architecture, Management, Physics, Mechanical Engineering)
             3) Medical group (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Nutrition)
             4) Multimedia/Computer makers
(--> Participants)

3. Sponsor

Japan Universities Association for Computer Education (JUCE)

4. The program for the entire seminar

The whole period of the seminar:
November 1 - 11, 2000

Main schedules
Nov. 1 (Wed.) Delegates depart Japan
Nov. 2 (Thu.) Seminar at Harvard University / Reception
Nov. 3 (Fri.) Seminar at Harvard University
Nov. 4 (Sat.) Group's field trip through USA
Nov. 5 (Sun.) Group's field trip through USA
Nov. 6 (Mon.) Group's field trip through USA
Nov. 7 (Tues.) Group's field trip through USA
Nov. 8 (Wed.) Re-integration of groups in San Francisco
Nov. 9 (Thu.) Seminar at Stanford University
Nov. 10 (Fri.) Depart from USA
Nov. 11 (Sat.) Arrival in Japan

5. Universities and Colleges visited by Japanese delegation

Harvard University
Stanford University
College of William and Mary School of Law
University of Pittsburgh
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Carnegie Mellon University
Loyola College in Maryland
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of California at Berkeley
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Duke University
Columbia University
University of Southern California
Auburn University School of Pharmacy
University of Florida