The First Joint Japanese-American International Seminar
on Multimedia Applications in Higher Education

1. Law
  Use of Legal Expert System LES-5 in Legal Education [PDF 2,438KB)]

2. Economics
  Teaching Economics and Information Technology [PDF 23KB]
  Education Contents for Economics at Konan University [PDF134KB]

3. Accounting
 Current Status of Accounting Education in Japan and for Future- Educational Evolution in use of Information Technology and Multimedia - [PDF 22KB]

4. Physics
 Link-system for Internet Educational Materials in Physics [PDF 327KB]

5. Mechanical Engineering
 Promoting Motivation for Studying Mechanical Engineering through Network [PDF 197KB]

 Design Education Environment on WebPages and Review with SCS and Video Conference [PDF 312KB]

7.Management Engineering
 Development of Lectures employing multi-media for Introduction to Management Engineering [PDF 212KB]

 Requirements for Developing Multimedia Teaching Materials under Linux [PDF 34KB]

 Multimedia aided Education of Clinical Nutrition using WebPages [PDF 112KB]

 Education of Multimedia Technology in a Medical School [PDF 12KB]

 Problem-Based Leaning in Collaboration and Network resources for medical education [PDF 101KB]

 Role-playing Education System in Pharmacy

 Pharmacy practice for patient's compliance education for drug administration using IT multimedia-teaching materials [PDF 324KB]
 Multimedia Teaching Material Data Base System Aiming at the Understanding and Application of Drug Interactions [PDF 95KB]
 Development of Multimedia Teaching Material for Pharmacy Education : Communication Skills for Pharmacists [PDF 365KB]